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liu mingsheng inspects sep

on june 12, 2020, spic party leadership group member and vice president liu mingsheng conducted an inspection on sep. the company's party secretary and chairman wang yundan, deputy party secretary and vice president wei juliang, deputy presidents guo baohong, huang chen and xia meixing, and discipline inspection committee secretary li e attended the meeting.

liu mingsheng listened to the work report on the company profile, erp system, digitization, hydrogen energy, energy storage, international development, etc. by sep, and spoke highly of the company for its innovations and good practice. liu mingsheng stressed that sep should build a digital management system with erp system at the core, manage the relationship between erp system and other application systems as well as the relationship between domestic and overseas erp systems properly, and actively promote the industrial digitalization work. he also asked the company to focus on value creation and develop integrated smart energy solutions that could be popularized and replicated.

wang yundan said that sep will earnestly implement the deployment requirements of spic, and strive to contribute more achievements and experience to spic's erp system construction, digitalization and integrated smart energy innovation and development.

after the meeting, liu mingsheng went to new bund integrated smart energy project for an investigation.
sep deputy chief economist shi mingwei, and leaders of sep general office, planning and development department, finance department, science and information technology department, policy and legal affairs department, international business department, supplies and procurement department, corporate culture department and other relevant departments participated in the meeting.

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