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hu jiandong inspects tianji power plant to conduct work safety supervision

on september 11, 2020, sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong led a team to tianji power plant to conduct a work safety inspection.

after listening to the work report on safety production, operation management, quality and efficiency improvement, team construction and party building work of tianji power plant and the safety production and operation of huaihu coal power (electric power), hu jiandong fully affirmed the efforts and achievements of tianji power plant and huaihu coal power (electric power) in various aspects of work.  first, sep and huaihe energy have been cooperating closely and treating each other frankly, and the excellent cadres sent by both sides have successfully made huaihu coal power (electric power) a model of "coal and power integration" in china. both shareholders should continue to strengthen and promote cooperation. second, tianji power plant is sep's base for cultivating talents and training teams, which has provided a large number of excellent management talents and professional and technical talents for the company's development at home and abroad. it is necessary to continue to carry forward the outstanding style of being particularly capable of enduring hardship and fighting, and encourage employees to work in areas with difficult conditions in order to make new contributions to the company's domestic and overseas development, said hu.

hu put forward a few requirements for the next-step work as follows: first, regarding safety management, the power plant should pay close attention to the safety foundation, find out the weak link of safety management, and use good experience and technology to improve intrinsic safety management; second, regarding production and operation management, the power plant should constantly strive for perfection, utilize sdsj and other management tools well, mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of cadres and staff, deeply tap the potential and improve efficiency, and continuously increase the economy and efficiency of equipment; third, regarding innovation and development, the power plant should actively shoulder the responsibility of green environmental protection and innovative development in anhui area, make contributions through innovative technical means and management methods, strengthen and expand cooperation with huaihe energy in anhui province, widely mobilize and condense  all aspects of strength to realize positive development towards the strategic direction; fourth, regarding talent training, the power plant should adhere to fair employment, make good use of "multi-channel" talent development mechanism, emancipate the mind, break the old thinking, carry out field investigation and research, select talents meeting the needs of the enterprise's high-quality development, and use methods such as multi-post practice to innovate the talent training mechanism; fifth, regarding party building, the power plant should enhance the role of party organizations at all levels to ensure implementation, and ensure high-quality completion of key tasks and major projects.

in addition, hu stressed a few points on the construction of qhse system as follows: firstly, the most crucial and most active factor of qhse system construction is people, which should be carried out according to the actual work situation of field personnel; secondly, through the construction of qhse system, constantly improve the safety awareness and safety quality of employees, especially the awareness of self-protection; thirdly, enable employees to develop the habit of working according to rules and regulations, so as to closely integrate the people with the system and make qhse system full of vitality and effectiveness.

during the research, hu and his team went to the centralized control room, steam turbine room and other areas of the power plant to carry out work safety inspection, and learned about the situation of unit operation, economic indicators, equipment maintenance and civilized production.

the leaders and related personnel from sep planning and development department, safety, quality and environmental protection department, huaihu coal power (electric power) and tianji power plant participated in the inspection.

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