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sep produced total electricity of 9.612 twh in the first quarter of 2016, with a year-on-year increase of 1%, announced the company on april 14. among the total power generation, thermal power generation was 9.339 twh in q1, down 0.26% yoy, wind power generation was 153 gwh, rising 71.48% yoy, and pv power generation jumped 86.3% yoy to 120 gwh. in the reporting period, the company鈥檚 on-grid electricity production increased 0.75% yoy to 9.14 twh, with the average on-grid tariff of 0.44 yuan per kwh including tax, falling by 0.03 yuan per kwh from the same period last year.


sep q1 power generation exceeds 9.6 twh


the company attributed the power generation increase mainly to the following two reasons: first, several of its new energy projects such as wind power and solar power projects were put into operation; second, the company actively kept track of market trends, and grasped every chance to produce effective electricity. the company increased installed capacity of 52.8 mw in the first quarter of 2016, including the 4.8 mwp sanda hyogo pv power project which was put into operation in japan in february 2016 and the 48 mw lingshan wind power project thrown into operation in xiao county, anhui province in march 2016.


as of the end of q1 2016, sep controlled 9,415.5 mw of installed capacity, 31.17% of which was clean energy; coal-fired power was 6,480 mw, accounting for 68.82%; gas-fired power was 2,068.8 mw, accounting for 21.97%; wind power was 469.9 mw, accounting for 4.99%; pv power was 396.8 mwp, accounting for 4.21%.

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