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china power website, sep improves production management of traditional energy company with nuclear safety culture

spic, since its establishment, has implanted the nuclear safety concept and consciousness into the production management of traditional thermal power enterprise actively. sep gave a quick response to the profound change of the production management nature and forms of the group company, and made nuclear safety management system and tools into a conscious pattern of thought and action so as to achieve the goal of 鈥渋ntrinsically safe and supreme鈥?


in the 2016 q2 safety production committee meeting held recently, sep publicized the important speeches of spic leaders and the conference spirit, learned the nuclear safety culture of spic, and read out the eight principles of a strong nuclear safety culture of inpo of the us. sep chairman wang yundan required the staff at all levels to carefully fulfill the duty, further enhance the company鈥檚 safety production management through the comprehensive transplantation of nuclear safety culture, concept and practice, fully implement the responsibility system for safety production, and complete the safety production normalization work strictly and meticulously.


to improve safety production management work, sep president wang huaiming led a delegation to shanghai waigaoqiao power plant, anhui tianji power plant, jiangsu offshore wind power project and new energy remote central control center to carry out thorough and detailed safety inspection in the heart of the project site, put forward the requirement of 鈥渆xamine oneself three times a day鈥?on the problems found, which is "whether safety management is duly fulfilled, whether there is any major hidden danger and illegal phenomenon in the enterprises, and whether 鈥榮afety first鈥?is really carried out in daily work", and asked "leaders to be the safety model, decisions to embody 鈥榮afety first鈥? safety assessment and monitoring activities to be taken on a regular basis鈥?


at the same time, sep also publicized and implemented the four safety management regulations of spic to the projects overseas and outside shanghai including outsourced projects in order to ensure the safety responsibility system, safety supervision system and emergency response system without dead angle or omission, and make responsibility clear at a glance and hidden dangers nowhere to hide.


wang yundan reiterated that 鈥渟afety first鈥?and safety production should always be placed as the first priority, production safety should never be relaxed in the company management, and the relationship between safety, management and benefit should be correctly handled. meanwhile, sep should adhere to 鈥減revention first鈥?and realize intrinsic safety, with special attention to rectification work of technical supervision, outsourced project management and major hidden danger troubleshooting to put an end to "fluke mind, carelessness, blindness" and firmly minimize the safety influence coefficients from the source. moreover, the company should carry out lean management in a deep and comprehensive way, use lean management concept and method to find the true reason, reduce waste and eliminate risks and defects, ensure long-term and stable development of safety and civilized production, and effectively implement the arrangement of spic safety production conference and the spirit of the important speech by spic chairman wang binghua.

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