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spic website: sep engineering procures anti-epidemic materials to aid front-line staff

recently, sep engineering the first time, followed the requirements of the first-level response measures for the mass disease emergency plan strictly the first time, deployed and implemented joint prevention and control measures to ensure the health of the company staff and the public safety. on the lunar new year's eve, when family members get together, all the staff at the company's logistics center gave up their family time for the sake of others, especially the female employees at the center who demonstrated the style of "shanghai women civilization posts", devoted themselves to various emergency procurement jobs early in the morning with no time to prepare the family reunion dinner at home. they knew that there were still quite a few staff members sticking to the front-line posts during the spring festival, especially in the hard-hit areas by the epidemic. with ever-increasing number of infections, the staff at four renewable power plants operated by the company in hubei province have been eagerly looking forward to the delivery of epidemic prevention materials as soon as possible.

since wuhan was placed under lockdown on january 23, the whole hubei province has been basically in the semi-closed situation, and the resulting shortage of materials has posed a great challenge for procurement work. the relevant person in charge of logistics center of the company assigned work to the staff by phone and wechat. then they performed their respective duties, contacted the suppliers one by one, confirmed the inventory and qualification and then conducted the procurement process the first time, prepared the goods at full speed, and called the logistics company for delivery. their hard work paid off eventually. on january 28, the first batch of epidemic prevention materials arrived at jingmen pv power plant in hubei. thanks to their endeavor around the clock, the other three pv power plants in hubei also received the first batch of masks and disinfectant on january 31.

according to the statistics, the company's logistics center has purchased more than 2,000 masks, hundreds of bottles of hand sanitizer, various kinds of disinfectant, alcohol cotton balls, thermometers and other epidemic prevention materials. part of those materials have been sent to the related project department, while the rest are still on the way. despite shortage of supplies and difficulties in express delivery, such efficient procurement work was completed thanks to the exemplary role of party members and joint efforts of all staff at the center. although they are not working on the front line, they are making silent contributions to the front-line workers. we believe that we will achieve full victory in the battle against the epidemic.

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