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spic website: sep shuntao group builds solid epidemic defense line to help resume production

since sep kicked off the first-level response to major public health emergency, shuntao group has acted swiftly and pushed ahead in a comprehensive manner, implemented the epidemic prevention and control measures meticulously and provided a strong guarantee for sep to promote the resumption of work and production.

the building of resource plaza, as the site of sep command center, can be regarded as the front line of the epidemic prevention work, and thus should be ensured with absolute safety. due to its location on the bund, featured with many corporate lessees, large personnel flow and relatively enclosed space, coupled with lack of property management staff due to the spring festival holiday, the situation of epidemic prevention is serious and the related tasks are arduous. the company's party committee attaches great importance to its with rapid action, established the resource plaza epidemic prevention and control workgroup on january 26, and elaborated an implementation plan on prevention and control to ensure refined deployment of prevention and control, investigation and registration with no dead ends as well as publicity and guidance with full coverage. the company also organized several departments to set up a special inspection team, which carried out special inspection on epidemic prevention measures every day led by the leadership members, paying close attention to rectification and closed-loop management in view of existing problems, so as to ensure the execution of higher-level requirements in place.

moreover, the company built up an indestructible "protective screening" through appropriate deployment of mechanism, materials, personnel and measures. in terms of epidemic prevention materials guarantee, the company rapidly organized the procurement of masks, disinfectant, protective clothing, protective glasses, disposable gloves, gun thermometers and other relevant materials, and distributed them to all the posts to ensure that they meet the needs of everyone. as regards the strict control of personnel access, the company implemented information registration rigidly, carrying out temperature measurement and information registration for all the personnel entering the building including those from other corporate tenants of the building. those with abnormal body temperatures or not on the registration list will be banned from entering the building, also applicable to express deliverymen and food deliverymen. in terms of disinfection of on-site facilities, the company strengthened the environmental health management comprehensively, focusing on key areas such as elevators, lobbies, garages, fire stairs, fresh air system inlets, door handles, etc., with full coverage disinfection implemented several times a day. in addition, through keeping the air conditioning fresh air system on regularly, adopting separate dining for staff, strengthen personnel scheduling and improving capability training and other related measures, the company accomplished the epidemic prevention work in a more refined and in-depth manner.

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