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spic website: sep's battle against epidemic in mediterranean

recently, sep (malta) holding ltd. (sepm), as the largest chinese-funded enterprise in malta, has assumed the responsibility of demonstrating the commitment of chinese enterprise and safeguarding the health of nearly 50 chinese and foreign employees in the company.

to this end, sepm epidemic prevention leading group had actively carried out the epidemic prevention work before the widespread outbreak of the disease in europe, and conducted the procurement and reserve of disinfection and prevention materials in malta and montenegro, where its two projects are located, through various channels and localized resources. despite inadequate supplies in both countries, the company's staff carried out a painstaking carpet search, effectively secured the quantity of medical masks, protective gloves, disinfectant and other supplies, and ensured the protection needs of all the employees.

in view of the severe epidemic situation in europe, sepm will continue to shoulder its own responsibilities, and do a good job in personnel safety, power generation stability, project advancement and other aspects of work in order to ensure the company's orderly operation and governance, personnel stability and the goal of "three zeros" in epidemic prevention, to defend the window of spic and sep in europe with practical actions, and to wage a defense battle of epidemic prevention in the mediterranean sea.

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