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spic website: sep investment provides strong platform for epidemic prevention, work resumption

since the outbreak of the epidemic, sep investment has conscientiously implemented the deployment and requirements of sep, insisted on internal and external interaction, strengthened collaboration and cooperation, and made full efforts to contribute to and provide strong support for epidemic prevention and resumption of work.

first, the company was committed to strengthening the epidemic prevention and control in overseas projects, focused on spic's two-way prevention and control requirements of "avoiding exported cases at home and imported cases abroad", and ensured the realization of "three 100% comprehensive coverages" in accordance with the principle of "one policy for one country, one place and one project". the company intensified the dynamic tracking of overseas epidemic, combined with the location of sep's overseas projects as well as the preliminary project development, and collected and released the epidemic information in a timely manner. meanwhile, the company actively tracked and promoted the development opportunities of overseas projects, with new progress made in croatian wind power project and spanish renewable energy m&a project, etc.

second, the company coordinated with related associate companies and provided solid guarantee for materials and equipment supplies. according to the trend of epidemic development and the demand of prevention and control materials, the company made every effort to assist emba, sep japan, sepm and other overseas companies to purchase protective masks abroad, arranged special personnel to contact with overseas companies and logistics companies to track the logistics and transportation conditions timely, while actively communicating with shanghai customs and related government departments to ensure smooth and efficient customs clearance.

third, the company reduced costs and increased efficiency, and promoted bidding and procurement work with high quality. based on summarizing the centralized package procurement and other good practices in 2019, the company innovate its working methods, organized the owners, contractors, supervisors, etc. to sign the confidentiality and epidemic prevention commitment strictly, observe the procurement process rigorously, and carried out the bidding work via live video streaming, which achieved significant results, ensuring the openness and transparency of procurement and bidding while reducing the procurement costs to the maximum extent, further developing quality suppliers and laying a solid foundation for the orderly and effective progress of work and production resumption.

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