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wang yundan meets snpdri chairman

on june 3, 2020, sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan met with xu qian, party secretary and chairman of spic integrated smart energy technology co., ltd. (state nuclear electric power planning design & research institute co., ltd.) and his delegation at the company headquarters. the two sides exchanged views on further strengthening cooperation. the company's main leader wei juliang and party committee member and deputy president xia meixing attended the meeting.

wang yundan welcomed the visit of xu qian and his delegation, and introduced the development status of sep's domestic and overseas projects, focusing on the operation of minghua electric power. wang yundan said that sep will insist on promoting the implementation of spic's "first-class strategy in 2035", adopt the working method of stimulating the vitality of science and technology, respecting the objective laws and combining with their own advantages, find the correct positioning, continue to improve the cooperation with snpdri, create a positive atmosphere for innovation and incentives, achieve high-quality development steadfastly, and strive to become the pioneer and pacesetter of spic in building a world-class clean energy enterprise.

xu qian introduced the comprehensive intelligent energy development of snpdri. he expressed the hope that the two sides could further reinforce communication, earnestly implement various tasks assigned by spic and create greater value for spic. at the same time, he hoped to fully leverage the  technological advantages of the institute and provide more opportunities for cooperation between the two sides.

the related persons in charge of spic smart energy (snpdri) as well as sep planning and development department, science and information technology department and minghua electric power participated in the meeting.

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